How Many More Environmental Reasons Do You Need Before You Go Solar?

River & Snow Pack Information

Observed Feb. stream flow at The Dalles: 63% of average
Observed Feb. precipitation above The Dalles: 60% of average
Forecast January-July 2009 runoff at The Dalles: 72 million acre feet, 67% of normal.
Estimate of 2009 snow pack: Feb. 79% of average
Federal hydropower generation in Jan: 6,471 aMW, 2004-2008 average: 8,723 aMW
Reservoir content (Libby, Hungry Horse, Grand Coulee, Dworshak): Jan. 71.2%, 5-year avg. 66.8%

Eyes on the Earth

(data as of Mar. 2010)
Arctic Sea Ice: [down[ 11.2% per decade since 1979
Carbon Dioxide: [up] 388 parts per million
Sea Level: [up] 57 mm since 1993
Ozone Hole: [up] 9.3 million square miles (latest)
Global Temperature: [up] 1.3° F average since 1895

Source: Washington Department of Commerce Energy Status Report March 2010 Volume 3, Issue 1