Help Stop the NUKES Wednesday Sept. 17

In light of the dire consequences of this message, I thought it would
be in the best interest of the Guild and its supporters to forward it.
Please read and take action if you agree.
Thanks for all you do – Terry Phelan, Regional Co-chair



In the mainstream media, the Gang of 10 (actually, now it’s the Gang
of 20) energy bill is all about offshore oil drilling. And, to be
sure, there’s lots of that in the bill, which is expected to come up
in the Senate late this week. But the bill would also be the biggest
giveaway to the nuclear power industry ever.

Unlimited loan guarantees for construction of new atomic reactors.
That will be as much money — hundreds of billions of dollars — as
everyone in the nuclear industry wants, when it wants, for as long as
it wants.

That’s why NIRS, Physicians for Social Responsibility and other
national groups are putting out the word for a National Call-In Day to
the Senate on Wednesday, September 17. We need at least 10,000 phone
calls to the Senate on Wednesday. We need the phones there to be
ringing non-stop from dawn to dusk. Will you help?

Capitol Switchboard: 202-224-3121

*Please call both of your Senators that day with a very simple
message: Take taxpayer loan guarantees for nuclear power out of the
Gang of 20 energy bill. (note: the bill does not yet have a number.
It’s called the New Energy Reform Act of 2008, but everyone will know
what you are talking about if you just say “Gang of 20 energy bill.”)

*Please forward this Alert to your mailing lists.

*Please print this Alert and take it to any public meetings and gather
places you go to between now and Wednesday. Post it at food co-ops and
other central locations.

*Please talk to your friends and colleagues. Spread the word.

*Call even if you think your Senator(s) are hopeless. Everyone walking
in the halls of the Senate should hear phones ringing everywhere, all
day long.

We can’t let the nuclear industry get away with this. All that can
stop it now are your actions. If we all just sit back and wait for
someone else to take action, we will lose. If we all make those two
calls—one to each Senator, and ask each of our friends and colleagues
to make those two calls, we can show the Senate what the American
people really think. And we can win.

It is up to each of us. It’s that simple, and that stark. These
Senators need to hear from us or they will think the nuclear option is
a popular public view.

Please take five minutes to make two phone calls Wednesday. And please
drop us an e-mail and let us know you called (we’ll be looking for
10,000 e-mails in our inbox by Thursday morning!).

Thank you for all that you do.

Michael Mariotte
Executive Director
Nuclear Information and Resource Service,
September 12, 2008

P.S. For those who want more information:

You can read a Physicians for Social Responsibility analysis of the
nuclear provisions in the Gang of 20 energy bill here. The bill
includes not just loan guarantees, but also more “risk insurance” for
new nukes, construction of a reprocessing plant, and much more.