Edmonds Lutheran Church Will Receive a Free Solar System

Edmonds Lutheran Church (ELC) and Annie’s Community Kitchen will receive a donated solar photovoltaic system to generate renewable energy for their facility if enough homes in Edmonds, Lynnwood, and Mountlake Terrace neighborhoods choose to install solar electric systems in the coming months.

The free solar system serves as a community award for participation in Solarize South County, a project of Northwest Sustainable Energy for Economic Development (Northwest SEED) and Snohomish PUD that is designed to accelerate solar energy installations through a group purchase of solar electric systems at a discounted price. Participants in the project attend a free public workshop to learn how solar energy works in South Snohomish County and to qualify for a free site assessment for their home or small business.

The solar electric system will be donated by A&R Solar, the Solarize South County project’s competitively-selected solar installation team, if 50 project participants sign contracts to install solar.

“Donating a system is our way of saying ‘thanks’ and giving back to a community that supported us, while also raising awareness to the fact that solar works in western Washington,” says Dave Kozin of A&R Solar. “By setting aside a small portion of the profit from each project, each customer is essentially investing in an asset that will pay dividends to the community down the road.”

ELC and Annie’s Kitchen were selected by the Solarize South County Community Coalition, a volunteer group of individuals who led the award selection process. The competitive application process took into account the suitability of the facility to generate solar electricity on site and to serve as a public educational tool.