Good (Solar Energy) Systems Make Good Neighbors

We see it all of the time: When one homeowner on the block installs solar, others follow.

By installing solar on your house, you get to set an example for others in your neighborhood and community.

Sometimes neighbors can have questions about your new system and might even challenge the installation. Here are a couple of things to know:

Can my HOA ban my solar energy system?

No. State law in both Washington and Oregon prevents homeowner associations from outright prohibiting the installation of solar PV systems as long as the system meets all health, safety and performance standards required by state and local permitting authorities.

We’ve had dozens of customers over the years who belonged to an HOA. We’ve found that many times, the design that we include in our quote is enough to soothe concerns. We are also happy to meet with the HOA board, answer any questions, and go through the state law to show how our system will comply.

Here are some helpful links from Northwest Solar Communities about HOAs and solar:

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Will my system cause glare for my neighbors?

This shouldn’t happen. The whole goal of a solar panel is to absorb, not reflect, sunlight. In fact, solar panels incorporate anti-reflective glass that’s rated for installation at airports where glare is a serious concern for pilots.