Five sustainability websites to visit every week…

A simple search for green living or sustainability will reveal thousands of websites dedicated to the topic, most of which have not been updated since 2006.

Here is a list of sites that I visit every week to get news and information about the topics that are important to me.

A great supplement to your bi-monthly edition of E Magazine, this site features up to date news on topics ranging from alternative energy to eco-travel and volunteer opportunities. It also includes a company directory and several informative columns.
This site is the be all end all of information about the movement towards organic living. The coverage of pending legislation is second to none, and there are numerous ways that you can get involved helping to support organic measures being considered by Congress. If it were possible to have too much good information in a site, this one would pull it off.
This site is a must visit. It also borders on information overload, but it’s more practical and entertaining that covers a wide range of topics and provides both information and entertainment on a very high level.
This site may better be classified as a site to visit daily. Not only is there great information from the magazine and effective commentary on world issues, but they also have a marketplace, online community where you can find like minded people, and an information exchange that allows for effective grassroots journalism. The site covers topics ranging from personal development to the preservation of the planet.
This site features the podcast green talk radio and covers mostly subjects relating to improving your personal habitat. Good information about new products and ideas that can help you live a happier, greener life. This site is a nice break from the urgency of the movement and a home for ideas about the green lifestyle.