Emerging Leaders 2014

I just came across a press release that reminded me I’ve been meaning to give a big shout out to the SBA and their Emerging Leaders Initiative for a while now.

In 2013, the Small Business Administration invited me to take part in the Emerging Leaders Initiative. The program was outstanding. I had the pleasure of working with an excellent executive coach. Mary Marshall who was capable, considerate, and especially insightful.

The Emerging Leaders program is a chance for CEOs and other executives to step out of the day to day grind and work on their business. The subjects we talk about are wide ranging and critical to the success of every business. We covered finances, sales and marketing, human resources, government contracting, and more.

One of the great benefits is learning from the other students. Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely place. And then one day you sit down in a room with 15 other CEOs. They have had similar struggles that you have. They have different ways of looking at problems than you do. I came to look forward to

The Emerging Leaders program exposes you to resources you didn’t know exist. It turns out there are a lot of people out there ready to support you, and help you grow your business.

The one caveat is: “You get out what you put in.” For the program to be successful for you you have to dedicate a lot of time and energy to the materials. You have to be open to change. And more than anything you have to be ready to grow your business.

If you know of a small business owner that has grand visions for their business, I suggest they check out Emerging Leaders. The 2014 program starts soon. Don’t wait.