Maureen “Reenie” Scott

Employee Owner


Washington and Oregon

Hails from: Pacific Northwest; lived in New England, the Philippines, and Malaysia
Activities: I love kids, reading, animals, reading, music, being outdoors, reading, being with friends, did I say reading?, calligraphy, sewing, travel, learning about other cultures, history, and languages.
Background: Years devoted to nonprofit social services in direct service, management, and fundraising; my concern about sustainable energy and the environment was ignited when my car was caught in the Ohio truck blockade during an oil embargo back in the Carter administration, and it hasn’t waned. I love working for an employee-owned, social purpose company committed to respect, a sustainable business model, and sustainable energy!!!
Favorite nonprofit: Explorer West Middle School with sustainability and social responsibility core to their mission and curriculum, and Investigate West – a new nonprofit model for watchdog journalism on public health, the environment/climate change, and government accountability with a clear bearing on public policy.

A&R Solar employee since 2017