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Kristin Storm

Washington and Oregon

Hails from: Eugene
Activities: Volunteer for various non-profit events and member of the volunteer fleet for Café Nordo, a unique, themed dinner and live theater/cabaret company.
Volunteer work: I am an admin for Seattle Foodies Facebook group. As an adventurous food enthusiast, I enjoy learning, cooking, and tasting all the things.
Favorite things: My daughter, hiking, fishing, rafting, karaoke, air hockey, music, dancing, live theater, board games, and dark comedies. ALWAYS seeking new adventures. And good wine.
Fun facts: During my segue from Eugene to Seattle, I was a tour roadie for DOA selling merchandise and taking cold showers in the shacks we were put up in (except the night we stayed at Jello Biafra’s). I spent several years writing lyrics and then did a short stint as lead vocalist and quasi-drummer in a pop punk band.
Favorite nonprofit: There are many wonderful non-profits so it’s near impossible to pick just one. That said, I have the highest respect for FareStart. FareStart is a local organization that offers career development programs to those who may otherwise be homeless. Training ranges anywhere from dishwashers to Chefs in workplace setting. Once training is completed they’ve earned a trade they can be proud of and can pursue a solid career path.
Professional experience: My professional background is comprised of a decade in public accounting, a decade in construction and a decade in non-profit affordable housing. Working from the ground up, combined with a thirst for knowledge, has helped me develop a nicely rounded career. I joined A&R Solar in the winter of 2015. I was determined to land somewhere that provides top rated services, supports the community and/or environment, a work life balance, long term goal opportunities and a non-stodgy workplace. SCORE!!!
Memberships: WISE (Women in Solar Energy) and Solar Energy International

A&R Solar employee since 2015