Solar Energy Can Be a Slog

Yesterday morning I stepped off my morning bus at Lander St into a beautifully foggy Seattle morning.  Taking a deep breath I could smell the salt in the air from Elliot Bay.  I love that smell: fresh, clean, full of life.

Dense Seattle Fog
By Tom Harpel from Seattle, Washington, United States (Flickr) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
This morning I stepped off the bus, took a big whiff, and filled my nostrils with the stink of the local garbage transfer station.  Not the smell I was hoping for to start my day.

Believe it or not but the difference between the two mornings reminds me of the path we travel within sustainability movement and the solar industry.  The fresh smell of the ocean is a promise of a future where human industries rebuild rather than tear down the world around us.  The stink of anaerobic trash is a reminder of the crap we have to slog through everyday, process, clean up, recycle, turn into something new, in order create our new balanced world.

The future and the present hang together in the same moment. It’s up to us to take notice if we’re moving in the right direction.