Our Story

A&R Solar was founded in Seattle in 2007 by Andy Yatteau and Reeves Clippard as one of the first companies dedicated to solar energy installations in Washington State.

We got our starts in the solar power industry because it was important for us to have our working lives mesh with our personal values. We were working with a local industry leader when we noticed a need for greater communication and quality control in the local market. So we started an employee-owned company that would look beyond “passing inspection” to providing a positive experience for our employees, our clients, and our community.

In the beginning, the vast majority of our business was installing solar hot water (SHW) systems. Andy’s plumbing license, the financial incentives, and our reputation for high quality systems made SHW technologies a good fit for us.

As incentives changed, solar thermal became a less attractive choice for our clients, and solar photovoltaic (PV) systems took their place as the bulk of our business. In early 2008, Reeves, became one of the first NABCEP PV Certified Professionals in our state. Since then, the local PV market has grown tremendously, and is now supported by our outstanding group of installers, designers, and consultants.

Our Solar Installers
Evan, Adam, and Peter

Who We Are

Our Solar Company
Dave, Reeves, and Andy

Since our humble bootstrapping beginnings we’ve built an amazing team of people who are dedicated to providing great results . Everyday our team works hard to perfect our craft. We believe we can provide a superior product by reducing wastes through efficiency and sourcing local and sustainably produced materials. It’s because of these efforts that we pursued certification as a B Corp, and we’re proud to be Seattle’s first solar installer with this accolade. Anyone can talk the talk of sustainability, but being a Certified B Corp shows that we walk the walk as well.

We encourage you to get to know us. We believe you’ll find that you’re working with a different kind of company, one that shares your values. You’ll discover what sets us apart is that we care. We care about the details, the aesthetics, the performance, the longevity, and most importantly, we care about your goals. It’s because we care that we offer a Highest Performance Guarantee.

You can get to know us by learning more at our “About Us” page or by contacting us directly.